Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Dude. I just found my birth certificate in one of my notebooks. Jeez

Okay, so this is a story Ash and I started writing. It's so incredibly great, but we only got to like the first chapter (*sobs*) But it's okay. Here's what I managed to salvage:

9th September 2008


"You've got to be freakin' kidding me!" Jon reached over and pressed a few buttons. But nothing was working. "Darn it!" He said as he slammed his fist against the table. He pushed his chair away from the desk, stood up, and felt his hand around in the dark for the nearest power switch. "What the heck is going on?" He thought as his hand grazed over the device. "Why? On the one night I take shift by myself." He thought as he flipped the switch.
"Grab the mainsail!" Ella shouted over the sound of the wind and the crashing of the waves. 
"What's a mainsail?" River shouted back. Trying to walk towards Ella while tripping on everything in sight. 
"I don't know! It just says it here in the book."
"Here, let me see it." River says grabbing the book out of Ella's hands and smacking her over the head with it. "Ella! This is PAPER! It's going to get ruined in the rain." She starts flipping through the pages. "Dont' you know when paper gets wet, the ink runs down it|?" We'll never be able to read it."
"River." Ella says hesitantly.
"We won't ever be able to get out of this and the book will be useless!"
"We'll just die in this storm, never to see the sun light again..."
"RIVER!" Ella shouts.
"What!? Why are you yelling at me? I'm right... Ella?"
River looks up to see nothing but darkness.
"Oh Shoot!" Simon yelled as he failed to grab the branch above him, causing him to descend from the tree quicker than he had wanted. Watching his life pass before his eyes as the ground came towards him faster and faster. The last thing he remembered was the strange obscurity of the world.
Chapter 1
It was a dark and dreary day. The ground was muddy from the rain the night before, and the sky was cloudy, threatening to pour once again. The sadness was draping over the cemetary like a heavy blanket. No one had wanted this day to come, and yet it had.
"Everyone loved James Robinson, he was a kind and loyal friend, a loving father, husband and grandfather. We will miss him. Rest in Peace." Ella's uncle finished and began to help lower the coffin.
"Goodbye Gramps." Ella whispered softly as a tear fell down her cheek.
"Ella! River's here!" Her mother yelled up the stairs. River and Ella had been best friends since pre-school. The two girls had grown up in the same neighborhood, and went to the same school. Although being of completely different personalites, they both confided in the other for anything. 
"Okay! Be right down." Ella got up from the floor in her bedroom, and attempted to cross the junk littered carpet. Reaching the door safely, Ella grabbed one of the books strewn next to her, and carefully put it inside a night stand next to her. 
"Ella hurry up!" Lucy Robinson was a mother, daughter, a chef, a computer whiz and also the cooleste person around. Looking very much like her daughter, she was tall, with green eyes and dark brown hair that was usually set in a french braid. She had no brothers or sisters, and only one daughter. 
"Coming!" Ella sang, jumping down the stairs. 
"Honey, would you mind doing me a favour after you left River in?"
"Sure Mom." She skipped over to the front door passing her mom in the kitched at the base of the stairs. "About time you got here!" She said opening the door to find River sitting on a bench next to the wall. "Come on in."
"Hey Ella." River said, getting up from her seat and hugging her friend.
"Hey! Come on. Mom needs us to do something for her." Ella shut the door behind River and walked to the kitchen where her mother was.
"Hey sweetie. Are you hungry?" Her mom asked waving to the stove where she had just taken out some chicken. 
"No thanks Lucy." River said as she sat down on one of the stools next to the counter. 
"Mom, what was it that you wan ted us to do?" Ella asked, sitting down next to River. 
"Right, well, I would really appreciate it if you went out to the shed and looked through all of Gramps' stuff. Try to see what we could get rid of. And what we should keep."
"Sure mom, I actually started going through some of his books already." Ella admitted sheepishly. 
Lucy raised her eyebrows at this. "Really? Find anything interesting?" 
"No." Ella lied. In reality, she found something very interesting."Well, c'mon River! we've got a job to do." She pulled River out of the chair and started walking towards the back door before her mother could ask anymore questions. 
"Ella, do you have the key?" River asked once they had reached the shed in the back of the house.
"Umm, no. But we'll just climb in through the window." She suggested as she began to push open a side glass window. 
"Okay then." River said helping Ella push it open.

A/N: It saddens me so much that that's all we wrote down. Here's the plot and character outline though:
Plot line:
Couple hundred years ago, earth found a new planet that was habitable. The goverment decided to put all their criminals onto it as a prison thinking they would soon die. Instead, the criminals made a new life and world. Without telling any of their children. At the beginning, four couples from earth went to this new earth to guard it. And their descendants carried on with the job, not knowing it was once a prison. Mysteriously, the sun goes out and five different kids try to find out. With their own reasons for the trip and why it disappeared.
In this world, the source of the sun is an iceberg in an ocean. 
Simon - 15-16, medium height. Brown hair, brown right eye and green left eye. Independent orphan with random ideas and memories of the iceberg from his childhood.
Jonathan - 20-22, Highly intelligent scientist. Straight forwad thinking, was left in lab as a child when parents mysteriously left and were killed. Brought up by the other scientists. (He's one of the guards descendants)
Lyla - 15. Spoiled brat, really annoying. Desert leaders daughter. Niece to River. Leaves on a trip to find her mother, rebellious. 
Ella Robinson - 17, friends with River since childhood. Grandfather just died and goes looking through his stuff, and finds a book on boats. In book, descriptions resemble the same shed and mentions a trap door. She finds the door and inside she diescovers a half built boat. She continues building boat without Rivers knowledge. River finds it and helps her. Parents tell Ella she has to marry ruler of the Desert and she leaves on the boat to find the iceberg.
River - 17, Parents work at castle of Desert Ruler to be around their daughter, who's the wife of the ruler. River despises everything about the palace and royalty. She lives with Ella and her Aunt. She's sister to the wife of the desert Ruler, aunt to Lyla. Coming with Ella to find her sister who left somewhere and never came back.
Peter - 19, messenger for the ruler of desert sent on a mission to find Lyla.


Yash K said...

Is this an original fiction you're working on? I like it! Although, I'd prefer a lot more details in the story than you gave- but then, I actually liked the detail that Tolkein went into in Lord of the Rings- so, maybe that's just me. Plus, this is an early draft, yes? Anyway, I think it's very promising- I really want to see some more! And my favorite characters so far are- River and Ella.

Mik said...

This would have been awesome to see finished. Aw Lil, can't you and Ash try to finish it? It looks really amazing. You never know, it could end up published if you guys get down to finishing it. Plus you'd have two loyal followers for sure (Yash and myself). So, how about it?

Lily said...

Heh, I think we're going to try to continue writing it. We both love the plot and would really like to keep it going, it's just a matter of doing it and finding the time also. But it makes me really happy that both of you liked it, and for you... I'll try to at least get another chapter up soon xD