Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Midnight December

Alas! Christmas has overcome us all, now hasn't it? We have survived once again this blasted wintry holiday, although I have to admit, I had a very good time. I will not bore you with the list of all my wonderful gifts this year, for I am unable to even begin to express my gratitude and happiness with just words.
I find it quite ironic, how it all works out for me during the Christmas season. I am stressed to my max everyday right up until the 25th. But on that day, in the end, it seems worth all of the stress and lack of sleep. I am glad that is the way it ends up being. I'd much rather it be in that manner than in any other. I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday also.
Alright, enough about the previous holiday... let's talk about the upcoming one: New years. Wow. What a holiday. Heh. It's got to be exhilarating sometimes to think that you've been alive for yet another entire year. It's beautiful really. As you get older, you may begin to think that this year may be your last... and in the end, to realize that you lived one more. One of the best gifts, if you ask me.
One of my best friends is hosting a new years eve party. Man, that's going to be one heck of a party. Not only do I get to spend an entire night with all of my greatest friends, but I also get to (finally) meet a very important person to me. Suffice it to say, I'm really looking forward to it.

Hey you
Have you felt like this before?
You got style but ain't got soul
Are you happy now?
Are you happy, tonight?
Or did Punk Rock get it right?
Is there no future in sight?
Oh is it different now? Is it different?

Heh, "Where are you" by Our Lady Peace. It's a really GOOD song. One of my favourites. I'll leave ya with that one.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I loved you all along

So... life is good. Christmas is coming up, I'm honestly not looking forward to it. I don't know why, but I've never really enjoyed Christmas... It's so... weird. I mean, why the heck do you sit around a decorated, dead tree with lights on it and eat candy out of socks? I just don't understand. I wonder where the whole idea of celebrating Christmas in that manner came from... I should look it up. I mean, I understand that we have it because it's Christ's "Birthday" and I know we give gifts because the three kinds gave him gifts... but still! Where did the tree and stockings come from? Saint Nick? Hah. Right...

Well, I've recently returned from a wonderful time in a couple states over. My high school supports 'internationality' (although at the moment it's only nationally)... I was asked a couple weeks ago to go to a Jesuit institute in a different state, to represent my school. Of course I willingly agreed, I love traveling. In the time that I was there, I accomplished many things: Volley ball tournaments, ecology projects... I also participated in a play that my class put on. But the very best time that I had was visiting the city. The very center of the center of it... was just... remarkable. Absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The entire city was very elegant. There was next to no contamination nor pollution (which is amazing for a city), the highways and streets were laid out perfectly, to where the traffic flowed very liberally. And an abundance of absolutely beautiful, elaborately carved and well-maintained buildings and churches of architectural splendor. I took approximately a million and two pictures. =).

Two of my favourite churches.

← Walking along the street.