Monday, June 28, 2010

Top Six Affectionate Pets

1. Sugar Gliders

The Sugar Glider is for those of you who think squirrels are adorable and would like to have one as a pet. The pet is actually not related to squirrel, however these small marsupials share many commonalities with flying squirrels. Sugar Gliders are also very social animals. Sugar gliders yearn for extensive attention from their human owners or need another sugar glider present as a companion. The Sugar Glider's diet is composed of high amounts of fruits, vegetables and some insects. This pet is for those who want to interact with a pet that enjoys consistent human interaction.

2. Chinchillas

Chinchillas resemble squirrel-mouse hybrids with enormous furry ears. As pets, Chinchillas are very docile and easy to keep and maintain. A drawback to the Chinchilla is that the pet can be hard at times to socialize and can be introverted. The animal prefers a quiet environment and strongly disfavors sudden movements, loud noises or extreme changes in its environment. A quirky aspect of the Chinchilla is that it prefers bathing with dust or sand as opposed to water. Chinchillas are also known to chew on a variety of objects, therefore many chewable items should be kept in the pets enclosure. The enclosure for the Chinchilla must be relatively large to provide this pet with the opportunity to roam. These animals are not noisy and almost odorless as a good alternative to gerbils or rats.

3. Ferrets

Ferrets are known as clever, affectionate and personable animals despite being criticized for their weasel like appearance. Their proponents claim them to be exceptional pets because of their high energy and interactivity with toys, balls and their environment. Though the animals spend the majority of their time in an enclosure, ferrets need to be released frequently for exercise. As the popularity of ferrets increases, many accessories have hit the market including pouches, leashes and custom clothing. Additionally if the animal is spayed or neutered and decantered, the smell of the animal is nearly eradicated.

4. Snakes

Snakes have long been an interest of pet owners. Snakes are best for people who are not seeking a fuzzy et to cuddle with, but would rather an enigmatic animal to appreciate. It should be noted that you must not mind that animal eating live mice or rats. Snakes however can be difficult pets similar to many other reptiles. Snakes require special heat lamps or heated rocks to maintain the body temperature of this cold blooded animal. Additionally, the specialized diet of the animal and difficulty finding quality veterinarian services can be challenging. However, if you remain undaunted by these challenges a snake may make an exceptional pet for you.

5. Guinea Pigs

The Hamster is generally a child's first pet, however a guinea pig may be the best choice for most. Guinea pigs are renowned as outgoing and affectionate pets that are very easy to take care of. The animal can live very well on simple pellet foods and enjoys are large enclosure or can even do well in an open sectioned off portion of the apartment. With enough space, a Guinea Pig can be trained to use a litter box. Guinea pigs can become very attached to their human caretakers and make a small squeaking sound at times. The guinea pig enjoys an active life and can make an exceptional apartment pet.

6. Rats

Rats are abhorred by many, however others discovery excellently clever companions. If its appearance and stereotypes don't dissuade you, the rat may be a good pet for you. Rats are extremely easy to care for. Rat enthusiasts applaud the pets increasing intelligence and often engage in games with their pets. The rat needs a modes sized enclosure and flourishes with human interaction. A rat can and will bond with its owner and despite the stereotypes will be a very clean and affectionate pet.

A/N: Okay so, I have a snake, I have a guinea pig, Chris wants a ferret, A chinchilla would be fun, or perhaps that sugar glider or something... When I'm older and moved out and whatnot, I'm going to get the worlds most affectionate pet xD... I need cuddles o-o
Whaddaya think?

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Mik said...

Okay, I love the sugar glider, and I already am partial to the Chinchilla ^^ I might look up a sugar glider for myself! xD