Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dead Hearts

Tell me everything that happened,
Tell me everything you saw.

They had lights inside their eyes...
They had lights inside their eyes...

Did you see the closing window,
Did you hear the slamming door?

They moved forward and my heart died...
They moved forward and my heart died...

Please, please tell me what they looked like,
Did they seem afraid of you?

They were kids that I once knew...
They were kids that I once knew...

I can say it, but you won't you believe me.
You say you do, but you don't deceive me.
It's hard to know they're out there,
It's hard to know that you still care.
I can say it, but you won't you believe me.
You say you do, but you don't deceive me.
Dead hearts are everywhere!
Dead hearts are everywhere!

I enjoy this song. It is pretty, if you want to look it up- Dead Hearts by Stars. It's worth it.
We're going through a corn maze today, I'm pretty excited. I've always wanted to try that out. So it's Saturday, the days we have together are becoming shorter, smaller, and faster. It's a sad reality, but there's nothing we can do about it but hope for the best. Perhaps Winter, if not that, next May for Grad. That will be fun.

I've had an incredible time, and I'm not ready to say goodbye. So let's just continue with our days, living them to the fullest that we can. And be happy, together.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Precious Little Life

*gulp* I'm meeting the Mom today. *sweatdrop* lol... okay, it's not that bad. I'm really excited, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really nervous.
I'm having a really good time, and I'm loving the place here. It's so beautiful. Yes, Mexico is incredible, and it's home... but there's just something different about the area here. So much sky! And the fields of yellow, blue and green... it's really is beautiful. I love it. It's incredibly artistic, you could say. It makes me really happy.

Chelsea is watching Dragon Tales... man, what a glimpse into my past. 

Well, I gotta get going. I'll write a more interesting post tonight, I just felt like... well, blogging.

Fireworks are incredible.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I dream I'm awake

Man, I'm tired. This is ridikuwus. >.<

On another note- Y'know how people are always talking about cultural shock when they travel? Yeah well... I haven't experienced it yet. I've not a clue why, but whenever I travel it's easy for me to recognize the different areas, and how each country is it's own, and has completely different things going on. I adapt to change very easily, and I can recognize differences, and acknowledging them isn't a difficult thing for me to do. I love to introduce new things into the country though, or into the family that I'm staying with (in this case). It's really neat to share what my home is like, and have them share it with me. I really, really enjoy traveling. Especially with the company I'm keeping now.

This may be why I'm not homesick. Or maybe it's because of how happy I am... I miss certain things in Mexico, but I'm really happy.

*sigh*... a little too happy, perhaps.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ocean Eyes

So... sitting at the computer in Canada, with Christopher at my side playing his guitar. The rain drizzling gently outside, Maya and Andrew off roaming the wilderness, and happiness is just a simple comfort. It amazes me how one can be waiting and hoping for something for so long, and then finally have it with them. It seems almost surreal, can't really get used to it immediately. Half of you feels like you've been here the whole time, and the other half feels like this is just my imagination again... like it's just a dream.

But it's not, it's real. I'm here, and this is all really happening.

This is gonna be fun xD

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love Larren art

Woo. Six days. Cool, huh? Yeah. That's pretty incredible. *happyhappyhappy*

No one has posted absolutely anything, so I thought I'd leave you with Larenn art... 'cause it's pretty. And I like it... Yeah.

^.^ Enjoy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing unusual

Woo... nine days. Can you believe it? We started at a hundred and nine. We've managed to go through a hundred. We're pretty cool. This makes me really happy.

On a completely unrelated note- my elbow hurts. What an odd thing to hurt, right? But almost any movement or strength I do with with my left arm sends a shooting pain at my elbow. Oddities.

I need new earbuds (like, those headphones that you just put in your ear and are small and unnoticeable?) Yeah. Mine are dead and I don't know what I'm going to do, I need music and I can't take the big headphones to work. *sniffle* I guess I can get some in Canada... but what about the remaining nine days with no music? Bleh :( sad...

I need to give Mik her present thingy, I've had it ready for like, too long, and just haven't given it to her yet. (psssssssssst! Mik! You should call me and tell me when to come over!) hehe.

I'd write a proper post but I dun't feel like it.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Names

What's with this world? There's a girl named Noah and a boy named Dana. A girl named Lily and a boy named Christopher... Oh wait, that's not what I was talking about, was it? :P
There's another girl named Jacob, and a boy named Autumn. It's all so weird. Like, the gender 'name' doesn't matter anymore. If you were expecting a boy and you came up with the name Robert, and it turns out to be a girl... well by golly name the poor girl Robert! "Hey Bob! Come play barbies with us!" *shudders* Don't get me wrong... I like the fact that people are going more out there and naming kids whatever they want even if it goes against society. BUT... there's an invisible line that you just don't cross, and that's one of them. There's a few exceptions, such as "Morgan" and "Sam" and "Tyler" (When I was living in Colorado, I was about 6 or so and was riding my bike outside my house, when this girl across the street from me starts riding also, and she asks me my name and I say "Lily, what's yours?" and she answers with "Tyler". I frowned and thought for a second, and then said "Isn't Tyler a boy's name??" Haha. I remember that. It was so funny, we ended up being really good friends.)
Anyways. Back to the subject... OH! And if you want to name your kid a name with a specific meaning (ie: moon), don't name her Luna (moon in spanish) because then she'll be nicknamed Loony. Get my drift? I mean... Unless you're into that, of course.

So, moral of the story, don't ask me my opinion on what to name your kids unless you want a very blunt answer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Holding On

Looking at all the other recent blogposts, I can't help but think... It's summer, isn't it? The days are long and warm, the nights filled with quiet raindrops and thunder. Everyone misses someone, whether that person is three, thirty or three thousand miles away. It seems that everyone is suffering, in one way or another. They spend the nights alone, wishing, hoping praying that the next day, the heartache will ease. And sometimes it does... and sometimes it doesn't. All we can do is lean on the shoulders of those around us. The friends who will be there always. Who, no matter the day, time, or reason, will listen to our cries, and hold our hand until things calm down. All we can do is wait, and hope this will work out. Believe in ourselves, in our loved ones, and in the fact that we know this is right. And if it isn't, something else out there is. Life is one huge puzzel, one big mystery. you can't ever blame it, you can only go along for the ride, and learn as you go.

To all my hurting friends out there-

Mik: Chin up, girlie. It will work out. Have faith in yourself and what you can do. You can change your entire life, you can change the world. Look into your life, what do you want? Who are you? Are you happy? Are you willing to sacrifice everything for what it is you want? Take a step back, and look at your life and yourself. Is this who you want to be? One thing I ask of you, never forget that I will always be here for you. Good or bad, sun or rain, laughter or sobs. You can count on me.

Raz: You're awesome. Don't ever forget that. You have spunk and a great outlook on life. Things are hard right now, and they might not get easier any time soon... but one day you'll look back on this, and realize how much it has really shaped your life. For this reason... hold on. Keep your head high and a smile on your face. Life is life, and it will be bumpy. Keep a hold on your friends, and your family. Seek refuge in yourself, but most of all- be true to who you are.

Maya: Aah sister... I feel your pain. Believe me, I do. All I can say is, if this is right... in the end the pain and heartache will be worth it. If you love him... cherish him and what you have. Nurish the relationship you've created. If this isn't what it's supposed to be... then don't let yourself fall. You're young, you have a full life ahead of you, but love and take care of what you have.

Keren-ha: Life is tough. I know, and especially for you. But you've always kept your head up. I admire this so much about you. Even in the really hard times, you've kept a smile on your face, and you've kept going. You have no idea how much I care about you. Hold on to your friends, and to your family. Love life, love God, and be true to yourself. You've got a wonderful life ahead of you, and remember, your Mamá loves you so, so much. And she's always looking out for you. Don't ever forget her.

Chris: Hon... jeez, I don't even know where to start. Things are hard. our situation is awful, and it will never be easy. But all I can say is, we've made it better just by being together. It takes two to tango, you always say... and by being two, when one falls the other one is there to catch them. I miss you more everyday, I send you silly texts and emails just to let you know I'm thinking about you. I don't know how the future is going to lay itself out for us, but I do know one thing: I've never been so sure about something as I am about you and I. You make me so happy, and so complete. I love you, don't ever forget it. We can do this.