Thursday, July 22, 2010

I dream I'm awake

Man, I'm tired. This is ridikuwus. >.<

On another note- Y'know how people are always talking about cultural shock when they travel? Yeah well... I haven't experienced it yet. I've not a clue why, but whenever I travel it's easy for me to recognize the different areas, and how each country is it's own, and has completely different things going on. I adapt to change very easily, and I can recognize differences, and acknowledging them isn't a difficult thing for me to do. I love to introduce new things into the country though, or into the family that I'm staying with (in this case). It's really neat to share what my home is like, and have them share it with me. I really, really enjoy traveling. Especially with the company I'm keeping now.

This may be why I'm not homesick. Or maybe it's because of how happy I am... I miss certain things in Mexico, but I'm really happy.

*sigh*... a little too happy, perhaps.

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