Monday, November 15, 2010

Inspired by Mr. Nobody

Who am I?
Why am I the person I am?
Why do I do the things I do, and want the things I want?
What am I trying to prove? And to whom?

I suppose these are questions everyone asks themselves at some point in life, inspired each time by something else.
But stop what you're doing, just for one minute, and ask yourself...
Who are you?
Why are you?
What is propelling you to act the way you act?

There is a reason for everything, and there is never a wrong turn. Sometimes you will get turned around, but who is there to tell you when you have?

Why do you feel something, and make everything work around that certain feeling? Whether it be love, hate, ambition, inspiration...

Why do I love, and make everything around me mold towards that love?

Is there anything more powerful than love? Anything more inspiring?

Think, listen, love, laugh, speak your opinions.

But what are your opinions? Nothing you say is truly your own. You heard it from someone else, or read it in a book that you did not write. You side with the story you like the best, and then act on what you liked.

You do not create ideas. You just add to old ones. You do not have your own personality. You just feed off of what you like, and don't like, from others.

You only love those who you are taught to love. You only act the way you are taught to act.

You only believe what you are taught to believe. Only what makes sense to you.

You will not do something you do not believe is right, but who will ever truly be right?

Who are you, to tell me what is right?
Who are you to tell me what to believe?
Who are you to tell me who, and how, to love?
Who are you, to tell me I'm not my own person?

Do you exist?

You do not exist. You are only a part of an imagination. Why should you exist? If you do not form your own opinions, your own beliefs, your own thoughts and actions. Why should you exist if all you are is an empty shell, molded by others?

Tear off that shell. Dig deeper.

Who are you?
Why are you?
How is it that you are, the way you are?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Are Family... Get Up Everybody And See.

So y'know what I've come to realize lately? How important it is for my siblings to have someone at their backs, holding them up and together. Someone that they can truly look up to and help them through all their tangles. I never noticed how much they depend on me for certain things until now... and I do my best to help them. There's always going to be times when I snap at them or don't want to have anything to do with them... but at the end of the day, they are my siblings, and I love them very much.

I woke up today, and found a cup of coffee on the stairs with a note saying "A magical cup of coffee, all ready to go :)" from my brother. I smiled, and muttered "I have the coolest brother" before going upstairs. But now, all morning I've been trying to figure out why he did that. I mean, what did I do that would make him want to do something for me? Rarely does he ever do anything for me... or so I thought. And then I started thinking even more and I realized, every day Noah does something or says something nice to me. Then I began thinking about Maya... and I realized that, although it's not as often or as noticeable, she does do things or acts towards me in a kind and considerate way. I hope that this is something that I do for them too. I hope that at the end of the day, when they think back on it they can remember at least one good thing that I was able to do for them.

I want to be a big sister that they can lean on, and they can rely on. I want to be someone that is their friend... who they can talk to about anything... I want to be a big sister who when we all grow up and go our seperate ways... every now and then they think about me and wish I was there. And a sister who they still keep in touch with throughout all the twists and turns in life.

I know they can be all of that and even more for me.