Thursday, March 31, 2011

Really Strange Dream...

It started out that I was living in some city in Europe. I was driving to work, or to somewhere important, but there was a TON of traffic. It was two two-lane roads, each going a different way with a beautiful meridian in the middle, and a cathedral on the right hand side, where I was driving. Soon, everyone started getting out of the cars, and next thing I know we’re standing in line. No one looks really worried, and yet when the time comes for them to go up next, they pale and beg for a different solution. No one will give it to them, and so they stand facing the cathedral, and this really buff man with a black hood takes this long, very pointy metallic rod, and throws the point into the persons hip, and propels them up, where the tip becomes dislodged, and they fly into the cathedral.
Something is happening, there is a way, similar to the Nazi-Jew war. We have to hide, but I don’t know who the ‘we’ is. The only way to stop it is for someone to figure it out up in the cathedral hall. There is a king, or someone with a lot of power… and our society figures that somehow, by throwing tons of people into there, they are going to figure out what to do. Here I’d just like to point out, that if you fail, you are not killed, your life is spared… but you have to go and stand in line to do it all over again.
In my dream, I had was thrown into the cathedral… the pain in my side so intense that I couldn’t focus on anything… I saw a lot of people, a grand room with gold and red… thrones, chairs, carpets, paintings. I don’t remember what I said, or did. But I failed.
The dream jumps to a week later… I’m standing in line. But this time I have company, Mik and a few other people that I knew at that point and was fond of, but wasn’t very close to, were there also. The line went: stranger, me, guy that looked like a mix of Cory and Dillon, Mik, some other girl that was with us. It was almost the strangers turn, and suddenly I’m feeling nervous. Why shouldn’t I? I’m about to get sharp rod stuck in my hip for the second time. I go over to Mik, and practically beg her to let me just prepare myself before I do it. She says it is fine and when it’s “my” turn, she tells the guy (who apparently isn’t very bright) that it’s his turn… the blood drains from his face, but he goes… walking towards the man and stands where he should. But right at the last minute he turns around and the rod gets stuck right beneath his navel, in his pelvic bone. This is where I ran.
The dream jumps to another scene, connecting the dots, it seems  Mik ran after me. We were hiding in her car… a reddish purple SUV, and we were talking. Finally, I looked at Mik and I told her that I had to find a way. That I knew there was one… and it was time for someone to look for it. She just nodded at me, and I opened the door and got out of the car.
I left, with nothing in my hands, and just the clothes on my back. I was wearing my red skinny jeans and the large tie-dye shirt. I started walking towards some houses, there was smoke everywhere. Fire, ash, screams of people who had lost someone or something special to them. Screams of confusion, no one knew what was going on. As I was walking/crouching to my destination… which I’m fairly sure I didn’t know where it was, I couldn’t help but be reminded of all I had seen from the Hitler chaos. People were hunting down other people, but I had no idea who they were. Who were the hunters, and who were the prey?
Suddenly, someone starts yelling at me, and I start running. I didn’t know what else to do. I turn around a few corners, and go through a few houses hoping to lose them, when suddenly a man grabs my arm, puts his finger to his lips and then motions for me to follow him. I do, and he takes me to this underground shelter. To get in it, I had to fall through a small window, but once I did he told me to keep quiet, and gave me a few instructions… such as don’t make any unnecessary noise, and pretty much just don’t draw attention to us.
He makes me a meal, I’m not sure what it consisted of, but he did, and we eat silently. I ask him a few questions about himself and what is going on, and he answers me. But I don’t remember what he said.

A lot happened between here and what I’m about to talk about, but I can’t remember it.

Somehow, I started becoming very well acquainted with another man, his name was Marco. He held the same mission I did, to figure out what was going on and to solve it. We worked together for days, weeks, when suddenly he disappeared. I may have left, he may have gone on another adventure. Point is, I didn’t know where he was and I felt lost to the world. I tried calling him, I looked for his number everywhere, and tried the operator. But he lived in a completely different town or state than we were in, and no one knew who he was.
I never did get in touch with him, but I went back to the cathedral. To see what was going on. There weren’t any more body throwings, but the chaos continued. There were a group of people outside, they looked like they were of importance. Mik was among them, but I hadn’t talked to her since I left… which was months, perhaps even years ago. I looked up at the mess of a cathedral, and turned around… and walked back towards the ruins of houses that I had come from.
I started to wake up then, and I believe my conscience wanted Mik to see me, and call my name… or run after me. But whether that actually happened or not, I’m not sure.

Friday, March 11, 2011

It is really hard to defend something you don't believe in.

Stupid school.