Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1960's reincarnation of Lily's life

Picture this, you (well, me... but if you're not me ((which you're not, btw)) then pretend you are ((but you really aren't... just pointing that out... again) are sitting on a swing in your back porch, the shade of a huge tree is covering up the heat of the day... you're gently rocking back and forth just looking over acres of land. There's orange trees, apple trees, strawberries, raspberries and a little garden you planted a few years ago. The sky is blue and there's birds everywhere, you feel a gust of wind blow across your face, you smell dinner and an apple pie and you hear distant sound of laughter. You lean back against the old rickety swing that's probably been there over 50 years and you just smile... your hands are callused and experienced, and you're exhausted from working all day, but you can't shake the simple joy that knowing you accomplished everything you could that day.
You stand up and brush off any dirt, and walk around the house to find your kids playing with each other, climbing trees and chasing the dogs and just getting incredibly messy. Your husband pulls up to the house, gives you a peck on the cheek, tells you he missed you and then goes to greet his kids who are running up to him.

Okay, so it's silly and unrealistic and entirely quintessential and "Nicholas Sparks-ish" but I really would enjoy that. I've been thinking about what I'm going to study and do with my life, and there's just so much I could. But I honestly would love to just be out in the country with my family and my land and just... be a house wife I guess.

I would have been perfect in the 60's, seriously. I don't even care that much about politics... it would have been fabulous for me.

The biggest concern for me regarding that is, would it be enough? I like to work, I've been working since I was 11... I don't know if that'd be enough for me to not have a job and be entirely dependent on someone else. *shrugs* It's not like I have to make a decision tomorrow. I have tons of time.

If anyone knows of an orchard for sale, lemme know.