Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Need You With Me.

I have this love for you unmatched.
Already feel so damned attached.
Dreams of you, floating free.
Wishing these fantasies could only be.

But here lives a monstrous realism.
Stealing the joy from my very bosom.
That this gap between us lies.
Preventing us from solidifying ties.

Each night, I try to rest.
At ignoring this distance, I am not the best.
Sometimes I cry myself to sleep.
And my lonliness becomes far too deep.

Deep within, exists another I.
Desiring nothing more than for what we have to die.
Insidious, insightful, slithering through my heart.
Striking at every insecurity, quick as a dart.

Though, when we talk I become elated.
It just feels so right, as though it were already fated.
The beauty of it makes me shed a tear.
As you always chase away the fear.



Mik said...

Looks like long distance relationships aren't as uncommon as one might think. This was a nice find, and the image is one of my recent favorites ^^

verification word: ingsh - english?

Mik said...

Ne Lily... Aitai (I miss you) *sighs*

Verification word- eunghtip- enough tub?