Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When memories fade... We've got each other.

This doesn't feel right. I'm home, but I don't feel at home. I'm with my family, but not really feeling loved, or safe. I slept in my own bed, in my own room... but I've never felt so alone and cold.

Things felt so right for a while. I was able to feel comfortable, loved, in love. I could hold hands with someone and be perfectly happy. We didn't have to worry, or be scared. We were together. And that's all that mattered. Our goodbye wasn't really a goodbye, it was filled with loving smile and caring eyes. We knew it was only a "'Til next time", and it will be.
One day. We can be together without having it be taken away from us after an amount of time. All we can do is hold on to each other, and know that however hard it is... we're never really alone.

It's the same night sky no matter where you're looking at it from.

And the countdown begins.

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