Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing unusual

Woo... nine days. Can you believe it? We started at a hundred and nine. We've managed to go through a hundred. We're pretty cool. This makes me really happy.

On a completely unrelated note- my elbow hurts. What an odd thing to hurt, right? But almost any movement or strength I do with with my left arm sends a shooting pain at my elbow. Oddities.

I need new earbuds (like, those headphones that you just put in your ear and are small and unnoticeable?) Yeah. Mine are dead and I don't know what I'm going to do, I need music and I can't take the big headphones to work. *sniffle* I guess I can get some in Canada... but what about the remaining nine days with no music? Bleh :( sad...

I need to give Mik her present thingy, I've had it ready for like, too long, and just haven't given it to her yet. (psssssssssst! Mik! You should call me and tell me when to come over!) hehe.

I'd write a proper post but I dun't feel like it.


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