Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning buzz

Wake up to the soft chirp of my guinea pig. The pretty little purring of the small critter... the soft rain outside just makes my morning complete. As I look up to the sky, and see the white clouds blooming!!!!!! The ground outside is damp. The smell in the air is like... well, wet ground. The flowers are wet. Also. Yeah. My morning breakfast is a bowl of.... FRUIT! With yogurt. And coffee. And now! I am blogging! And I am singing! What I'm blogging! So, read this again... and sing a little tune. And it's sure to make your morning flume.

Harry Potter.



Mik said...

Very happy making ^^

Ked said...

Ha ha,
this post really is quite random, but then it is so you...
And yes, I feel proud of myself for commenting.
Tootsie Rolls!