Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Easy, Peaceful Feeling.

The gentle touch of your fingertips on my eyelids. Shutting them closed with a fragility similar to that of a rose petal. No one else around me can feel me just as you can. Gone, and yet still here. Nothing around me is as it was only a few days ago. A scent, unmistakably that of lilies fills the air. A chosen couple walk up the small steps, my sister, and her lover. A short speech, heartfelt words and silent tears are exchanged between the two and the small audience. I reach out my hand, and touch my sisters shoulder. A small breeze rushes towards her as she looks in my direction, her eyes grasping to see what isn't there. Another hand in hers pulls her away from me, and towards the rest of the people. I glance over to where you are, just as you raise your head and look at me. Straight at me. I smile, a small, peaceful smile.

A/N: Really strange inspiration hit me tonight, and I didn't know how to direct it... then I got this really [strange] idea that started flowing just as I wrote the first couple words. I don't know what it is, or what it means. But, there you have it.

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Mik said...

Very nice. Sad though. It has a very melancholic feel to it.