Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forever May You Run

Take it easy on yourself
Some sounds of yesterday
The ghost of you dancing in the hallway

Lunar to base
Let's get this on
The kids have gone mad
They've been insane all along

Forever may you run

You don't deserve to get lost
Soon will come the waves will stop
The still of the night
Sitting amps in the half line
May your struggles all be one

Forever may you run

I'm walking into the end
I got nowhere left to go
I get so in between
Didn't make it to the disco
The president's in bed
They're trying to find a king
Buddha here is busy
Jesus wasn't in

There is snow over the road
We'll have to wait before we go
Let the heat come in
Where you end I begin

Forever may you run

Did it all to yourself

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