Sunday, June 13, 2010



Momentary rush of happiness, soon followed by anxiety.

Something is wrong.

Something unknown. Mysterious, but all around.

Lightning. Thunder. Beauty only some can truly appreciate.

Soft drops on my skin, leaving a burning sensation of cold in their place.

My heart is pounding. The air is rushing.

Questions are asked. No answer is given.  All sense has faded.

Danger is all around us. The sensation unmistakable.

I close my eyes. Willing for it to go away as I shiver it off.

I awake in a dry, warm room.

Right where I started.


A/N: Just an idea I had for a short story, but it came and went very quickly and I didn't have a chance to really think it through and write it. So I wrote the impressions it left me.


Mik said...

Love this ^^

Mik said...

Hey! What ever happened to the follow up short story? Please write more... *puppy eyes*