Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Fudge

So you know how everyone has a certain something, that describes them entirely? Perhaps a piece of clothing, a purse, their shoes... You can tell almost everything about someone just by looking at one thing: their wallet. I have always had this really strange and absurd desire to look through stray wallets. I say stray, because I'm not a pickpocket. I don't go up to people, take their wallet and look through it. It's just in those odd occasions where they'll leave their wallet on the grass while they go play a game, or they give the wallet to me or (anyone around me, really) for safe keeping. I go through it. Now, I guess in a way this is really an invasion of privacy... but only for this reason, the fact that anything you find in there will show what kind of person they are. In the many wallets I have found, only a couple have gotten upset at me for doing it, and one of them was because I found birth control inside... It was quite an interesting find. The other person got upset because simply because he didn't really like me much. So invading his personal space wasn't welcome. Everyone else has (mostly) been fine with it though.
In my wallet... you'll find a guitar pick, my keys, my credential for school, money (sometimes), and my headache pills. Along with a few business cards I've picked up along the way. It's not much, but if you'll notice, it all says something about me.
The most interesting finds I have found in wallets other than the previous one I mentioned have been pop can opener things (jeez, there was this one girl that literally had like 20 of those. It was ridiculous), concert tickets, love notes, extra battery for their cell phones, and quite a few other things.

That's my bit for now. I have more to talk about it but I ought to go, I'm on the phone... o-o


Ked said...

I love fudge... I really do.

Mik said...

My wallet has a bunch of discount cards in it, my student ID, my bus pass, my credit card, it doesn't usually have money in it, it has a little note from an old friend in Tec that says: "Mik, you rock!" Which always makes me smile when I see it. I also used to carry around fortune cookie papers. One said: "You are undoubtedly obligated to do the right thing", the other said "Speak up and people will listen. They might help you solve your problems".
And the outside of my wallet is light blue with a print on it depicting happy pandas smiling and equipped with happy making items.

It really does say it all, doesn't it? xD

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