Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iron and Wine

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Villainy Rocks.
Harrow (Draft)

My name is Harrow, I am 16 years old and my Father is a demon. I was born of human mother in the spirit realm. I killed her when I was 6. She had cut herself with a blade. I have an obsession... I always have. My obsession is for blood. Human blood, demon blood... it really doesn't matter. But when my Mother cut herself for the first time, I needed more. My whole self switched. I was no longer the cute, sweet, little half-demon. I was a killer. The switch scared me. This wasn't supposed to happen. Why was I standing over the corpse of something I loved, with blood all over me and a blade in my hand?
I ran. I left the spirit world, I left my Father in his demonic rage. I left the dead body of my human Mother. I ran to the only place I knew to go: The human world. I twas the only place I could escape to. The only plae I would be able to be free. I could do what I want.
I lived on the streets for two years. I learned to fight. I learned to live on my own. I made friends, I made enemies. I trusted no one. At the human age of eight, I entered a school. A martial arts school. I lived tehre until I was 14. At this place, I learned close-up combat, weaponry (speacilizing in knives) and how to keep myself alive, anywhere.

And now, everytime I see it
Everytime I go looking for it
It's a beauty to behold.

Now I see you cry, with a knife in my hand.
I sense your blood and I begin to laugh
Rejuvination, plus a butterfly knife,
Gives me what I need from you.

And just die
Spill your blood on me,
There's nothing else I plead for
There's nothing else I want to see.


A/N: Okay, there's more to that "song", but I hadn't realized how incredibly gory and morbid it really is. So I'll just leave it at that. xD

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Mik said...

We never did finish that story ¬¬ *sigh* xD So many unfinished works, eh?