Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doctor my Eyes

I like notebooks. But I've come to enjoy knowing that other people are reading the things I write. It inspires me. I suppose my own joy in what I do isn't enough to propel me further... also, comments are the most amazing thing in the world. The fact that someone took a moment of their time to read whatever it is I wrote and then say their opinion on it is pretty much happy making.

There is nothing more inspiring than music, and nothing more musical than love.

I've never spent an entire math class writing and listening to music. It's kinda nice though, to simple relax and let my limited flow of inspiration run. The more I write, the more inspired I get though. Not to mention how amazing Our Lady Peace is. They bring back so many good memories, ones I never want to forget. They just hit the spot for incredible music.

 Light is leaving, hiding behind the mountains around us. Children sleep; lovers awake.


Alright. So that was some of what I wrote during the ridiculously boring math class of two weeks ago... I finally got my notebook back xD. I will be posting the stories I have soon though. I found them incredibly interesting, I hope you do too. I'd write them out now, but time is running short on me today >.>

Goodbye, for now.

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Pixie said...

i love our lady peace as well :D & i cannot wait to see the stories XD