Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will The Future Blame Us?

I'm not sure what these are... very random things I wrote down on a page. Each one has something to do with the other (I think). I wish I could remember...

November 15th 2008

Hello. Are you reading this? If so, pay very close attention to what I'm about to say: You are a thing. You're no one. Nothing. Unimportant to the cycle in life. If you disappeared off the face of the planet, only a handful would think anything of it. No one cares.
A quiet, short, small growl escapes his throat. He advances toward you, backing you into a corner, cutting off any way of escape. your mind begins to run, thinking of any way to survive this.
I feel you on  my arms. Your weight is collapsing my entire being, I sense you being to float away, your life drifting the moment I decide you're gone. The blood from your wounds spilling down my chest as I hold you close to my heart.
A quick note sounds in the air. Music. Beautiful timbering of a bell. Resonance of a violin. Trickling voices surrounding you and I. I turn towards the music with a smile on my face, I reach for your hand to lead you to safety. It's beautiful.
Not knowing who you are, nor why you're here. Some say this is the question of life, well, I say "who cares?". We're here, and that's that. Live however way you can so that when you look back on it, you smile, you cry, and you laugh.
I feel there's something in the wind. Whispering hello's and goodbye's. Is this the end? Or is there more to it than it seems?

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Mik said...

Very nice, and I can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier. I like how you separate your different ideas, but they seem to mesh nicely even so. *Applause* If there was a "like" button, I would've pressed it by now.