Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walking the Distance

It's late,
Can’t seem to close my eyes,
Because if I close my eyes,
I wonder if it's real.

Can’t concentrate,
My mind wanders...
It wanders back to you,
And I wonder how you feel.

I just want touch your face,
And not feel the cold, empty screen,
Lonely nights staring at the screen,
It shows me what's missing.

There’s emptiness,
That I often feel,
And the only time I really feel,
It’s when you’re not missing.

I can’t bear the nights without you,
Though those nights are all I have.
It seems impossible to go without you,
When I cannot smile, I cannot laugh.
But some day...
It’ll all be okay,
Because then I’ll fill my days with you.
I’ll fill my days with you.

And time,
It counts down the hours,
To a time that will be ours
In some place neither here nor there.

And sometimes,
I try not to miss you so,
But every where I go,
There are pieces of you everywhere.

I can’t close my eyes
And not remember all of your smiles
Or how you’ve driven for miles
Just to be near.

And when I wake,
I can’t wait to hear your laugh,
Your voice is all the proof I have,
That someday you’ll be here.

*sigh* Things are hard tonight. I want to see him... I miss him so incredibly much. I wish it would just go away. It would make things so much easier if I didn't miss his eyes, or his smile... or the tip of his fingers tracing illegible lines along my hand, his hugs, his voice, and everything else that just makes him who he is. One day. I know. I just wish I didn't have to wait for that 'one day'. Waiting sucks. 


Mik said...

Love isn't without its sacrifices, and your heart is what suffers most. Eventually, in a future not so far away, the suffering will be paid off with happiness.

Keep your chin up girlie. Love you lots, and he does too.

Pixie said...

:) ily 2 lily , i know it's hard but try to keep you're self busy that helps pass time !