Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time and Confusion

Harum. Where to begin? Life... is busy. Between work, school, more work and friends... time for myself and blogging has been swept into the wind. I've managed to grab a few pieces of what was left here and there though, and perhaps I can pull something together tonight.
I really dislike flowers. No, I lied. I love flowers. But any time someone gives me flowers... they last for a while, they look beautiful and healthy... and then they begin to wilt. Their color goes a shade darker, their stems bend under the weight. Couldn't you relate this to our lives? We begin as little sprouts... just barely coming out of the ground. Young and easily molded. Then we grow more and turn into buds. Slowly waiting for the perfect time to bloom. Once we have, we're a beautiful plant that's striving in it's home earth. That is reaching up towards it's ultimate goal; the sky, the sun. The moon and the stars. Then someone comes along, and sees our raw beauty and decides they want to take this beauty and show it to someone they feel fondly of. This person brings out a pocket knife, specifically for this sort of occasion. And they saw at our flowers ground. Until we're cut off from what we had to begin with. We can no longer go back to the place that we were happiest at. Right? Nah. I dislike that story. I'd rather for the flower to stay there and be admired by all. Not to be removed from it's earth. But then again, flowers are beautiful. And if you take care of them properly, they last you a good while.
I'm really at a crossroads as to whether to publish this like it is or not. See, I love being given flowers. As I'm sure does any girl... but then after a few days it depresses me to see them die. The only flower that has never affected me this way, is a rose. But I do believe that's because a rose looks remarkably pretty when it's dried out as it does when it's in full blossom.
It's strange how much you can care for someone, and how awful pain can be. In the end though, it'll be worth it.
"When memories fade, we've got each other. When time and confusion collide, I'll be left singing "I hold it all when I hold you."

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