Monday, February 1, 2010


And, I'm back.
All I can really say is... wow. Things must happen in life for a reason, right? Whether it be to learn, to enjoy life, to love, to laugh, to cry... Strange how when you're young, you don't really take much into consideration. in fact, you just take life one day at a time. Why is it that once you grow older, you think too much? You say... what if? You don't allow yourself to just let go and enjoy what is happening. Or at least, you don't seem to. Y'know, I'm going to do that. For this year... life is going to happen. I'm going to let it happen. Obviously I'm not going to go out and do something reckless just 'cause "it happened". I'm still who I am, and I still take things into consideration. But I'm not going to stop them unless it's life-threatening or something. Life is like skipping... it's faster than walking, but slower than running. You can't help but smile every time you do it. A song comes into your head to the beat of each step... sometimes you trip, or you mess up the rhythm and have to stop and start over. But in the end, you pick yourself up and continue on. Perhaps with a new song, a new melody and beat. But it's still your own skip.
I love love. But I hate confusion. Why can't we just all know what we want... and then get it? Obviously then it'd make life so absolutely boring. But in some cases... can't you just, for once, get what you want? Have the universe stop conspiring against you, but for you. I guess now you just have to fight for what you want... or let it all go and see if, someday, one day... it'll come to you. All the emotions running around in circles. You don't know to look left or right. So you just look straight... and continue on with your day, and with your life. With a smile on your face, and a beat in your heart... I suppose that's all you really can hope for.

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