Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can't even think of a song to put as the subject o_o . I'm sure there's one called "Tired" somewhere out there.

I am so freakin' exhausted. Why do I do this to myself? Sheesh.
So last night was pretty fun. I went to a friends birthday party, she just turned 18... wanna know the funny part? Instead of what you'd think an 18 year old would spend her party doing, ie: drinking, playing slightly sexual games, wearing sexy clothes, inviting all the older kids who are known for their partying attributes... But instead she invited her closest friends, people she hadn't seen in a while. Told them to bring their favourite board game and CD's and ordered pizza. We danced, we played games, we spent at least 4 hours playing the Beatles rock band... and everyone had a really good time. It was very calm, very happy... everyone was just relaxed. It was neat. There were a few points where my head began to hurt from all the chatter and the noise from the music, and that's when I'd just go outside and talk a walk or something. It was still nice.
I've been getting headache's like crazy lately... it's not good. I'm pretty sure it's from lack of sleep and not eating right... I've just been so busy. Between school, somehow juggling two jobs and my social life... there's just not much time for sleep or food. I'll get better at it though, I promise. Coffee has kept me a live... and to demonstrate just how ridiculously tired I am, I just spilled my cup of coffee all over the desk and spent the last ten minutes cleaning it up -.-. Not that I really need to demonstrate it, I'm sure most of you believe me when I say I'm sleep deprived. Sleep is for the week >.<
... Lol.... weak* Garh. no, that wasn't on purpose. Hah.
I have so much to talk about and yet somehow my mind keeps skipping from really random places to another. It's actually quite strange... I think I'm seeing colors that don't exist. xD

'Kay so a lot more is going on in my life other than my sleep deprivation. I will talk about it later, when I can think of it... So, please excuse my absolutely dreadful writing in this blog, it'll be better next time.

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Mik said...

So, I LOVE the header image for this.

PS- I just realized that your blog layout has stayed the same for a very long time, and I admire you for it xD I can't seem to make up my mind to keep my blog in one lay out for long enough. Although I suspect the current layout for baffledjailbird will stay as such for a while. Ransacked Imagery however, I fear may undergo changes almost daily until I fond something I love. *sighs*

PSS- I should really go to bed... xD

Good night!