Monday, January 25, 2010

Melting in the Sun

Hm... Work work work! I have a job now. It's an okay job... I'm not very entertained and I have a lot of time where I'm just pacing the grounds trying to not look bored. I'm probably not succeeding though... I've met tons of people and can't remember most of their names. This is not good. Hah. I'm just not really paying attention. Which I should be doing... I'm just rambling. Haha. So I work at the clubhouse of a condominium. I'm like... executive Secretary or something odd like that. Basically, I answer phones, take messages, write emails, make formats for legal stuff (lol), do a lot of translating... run errands. It's very beginner work like stuff. The thing with the job though is that it's in the morning... and I don't do very well with mornings. The only thing that's keeping me alive is my coffee... which I learned quickly that I needed to bring. Haha.
The other thing, actually is that I need a laptop. And I don't have one. This isn't good. I've been using one that they have there but 1- it's very, very, very old... therefor very slow. and, 2- doesn't usually connect to the internet, which isn't good because I need it for a lot that I do.  So I'm trying to think of a way that I could raise like, 800 or so dollars for one. But I'm having timing issues also... and, of course, I really wouldn't want to spend that money on a laptop... I'd rather buy flight tickets somewhere or buy a guitar or something. But oh well... I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do to be able to buy those things I need.
So I'm sitting here on the couch, with a Dr Pepper to my left and my iPod to my right. Music in my ears, words in front of me... It's quite nice. Aaah, and then people I enjoy talking to sign into msn. That's always quite wonderful.
Oh, and on another note I could write about... I don't want to go back to school. I really am dreading returning... for various reasons. One of them being the fact that I'll be seeing my ex everyday and it's not going to be exactly pretty for either of us. I really hate the way we left off... and I wish I could fix it or at least make it better... but I'm afraid that's much easier said than done. I can't bear to look at him right now without feeling a sort of pang of annoyance and frustration... it's not good. I'm hoping once I go back though that we'll just get used to it or something... Somehow sort some of it out. I don't want to spend the entire semester this way. Also, I quit volleyball for the same reason... seeing as he's the Captain of the team. It just wouldn't have been a good idea. But like I said in my last post, I really do miss it. I'm looking for something around here that I could do meantime though... Seeing as I work at this clubhouse I'm going to see if my boss will let me use the gym/pool after I work... that way I'm at least doing something productive with myself and my energy... well, the energy I don't have xD. But I don't have it for the same reason... I'm not doing anything sports-like so it's all... draining or something. It's like how some laptops won't charge completely unless you drain the battery 'till it's all dead. Maybe that's how my body's working... lol.
Hmm... I've written quite a bit. What a surprise. I haven't been able to write almost anything lately because somehow none of what I want to write about will come out into words. It's quite interesting and also annoying. But this seems to work... just sorta rambling. I guess I'll just do this for a while until somehow my inspiration returns to me so I can make more organized and well-written posts. As for now... I'm going to try to write regularly, even if I don't post anything that I write (which is what I had done before... that's why there's posts from dates way back when even though they weren't there on that particular day...).
Anyways, I think that's all I've got to say now.

Everybody's got a song to sing,
Won't you come now, and sing with me?
When you feel like hope is gone, keep holding on.
It doesn't really matter where you're from, or what you've done.
Everybody's got a story to tell.
The times we've tried and the times we've failed.
When you feel like hope is gone, keep holding on.
This is your song.

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Mik said...

See, now you've got the hang of it. That's how I learned to post in my blog. Even if I can't think of anything particularly awe-inspiring, its enough to tell of daily life.

Keep it up. Looking forward to reading more.