Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Suddenly Love History

I recently interviewed Jerry Pounds for a History project. I had to ask him about an event in history that he was subject to, but that happened before I was born. I decided to ask him about the Vietnam War. By listening to him speak of everything that had happened and how he got through it I realized a very simple thing: every single detail in history is relevant. No matter how insignificant it may seem at the moment, it always will lead to a much bigger picture. Looking back on all of the things that led to the Vietnam War, it shows us how just a small event can lead to such a life changing moment in history. In 200 years from now, that will be just a speck of American history, but right now, in our past and in our present it is something that has formed many peoples lives. It is something that we were all affected by, directly and indirectly. I personally believe history is simply our actions affecting those around us. It isn't only a review of previous events, but also of the psychology behind those events. Why certain people made the decisions they did, that led to that action. Jerry was in the middle of such an outstanding moment of life and of our history. The fact that he was able to share with me that phase of history was not only fascinating, but completely genuine and full of emotion. He is a man that has seen many facets of life, and has conquered them all. His contribution to this project helped me understand and accept a deeper level of my past, one that did not begin when I was born, but when the world was born. I am the present, but I am only where I am because of the past. It would be unrealistic of me to not to learn and attempt to comprehend the puzzles that have led to where we as a nation, as a world and as humans have come. 

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