Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Layla the Tasmanian Devil

So, we got this puppy right? And it's this sweet sob story about how I called up this lady selling a Feist puppy for an unreasonably low amount of money, and I talk to her for a while barely understanding a word she's saying. I swear this lady was drunk, high or both. She kept going on about the puppy and how she needed the money and asked if we were going to pick her up within the hour (it was 10 at night) and just a bunch of crazy things. So we, a family of animal loving pushovers, decide to go the next day to at least see the pup, and make sure she's not being mistreated. That way, if she was we could just take her to the animal shelter and just get her out of that womans way. So we do, and after about a 2 hour drive we get there, and the lady is living in this shack of a barn... and the puppy was this gray, flea ridden pup that could barely hold herself up. It was almost a slow motion film, just picture it... we pull up, I practically jump out of the car, pick up the puppy, run back to the car all while Jerry is getting out his wallet and handing her the money. We're there no more than 1 minute, and then back in the car ready to get her to the vet. It turns out she's actually white... just imagine how many fleas she had.
So okay, it's a sweet story and all the while the pup was just curled up, all the while shaking in a plastic bag on my lap. She was a very curious little dog, staying awake most of the time and listening to us talk. We decided to name her Layla, because it's a darling name.
A week later, these are my thoughts: "OH MY GOD WHAT DID WE DO?" She's a freakin' Tasmanian devil! One minute she's sleeping quietly on your shoulder and the next she has this crazy look in her eyes and CHOMP! There goes a piece of your ear! Not even kidding, I have cuts on my hand and wrist from when she's playing with one of her toys and then decides human flesh nicer on the teeth. She's gotten so many thumps on the nose I'm surprised she's not a replica of Rudolph.
Also, my room is on the 2nd of a two floor house, right? There's stairs to get to that floor, right? WRONG. This thing that's smaller than my foot practically flies up those stairs, and one time when she was on the top and playing with who knows what, she literally rolled down the stairs. I thought she probably broke her paw or something similar, but next thing I know this little while flash of light is at the top of the stairs again! Considering she couldn't even go up the stairs a week ago, you could definitely say she's improved on her motor skills (get it? motor? :P). But that look in her eyes when she wants to play... man, it's scary. You know to just let her down and pull your feet up so she won't bite your toe off. I need to find a new form of discipline, she's freakin' scary.
Her teeth are like little razors... and she's SO FAST! Seriously, picture the fastest dog running you've ever seen, and multiply it by 5 and make the size of that dog about 6 inches long and 4 inches tall. I can barely keep track of where she goes.

She can be cute though... when she's sleeping. That's about it. She's absolutely insane, I do adore her though... as long as she doesn't bite off my arm.

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Mik said...

How is that you're being defeated by a 6 by 4 chihuahua?
Okay, but really, she sounds terrifying. In my mind she's THE picture of terror (get it? 6 x 4 as in the average size of a photo?).
Keep us updated on this little devil's activity.