Monday, April 12, 2010

The one behind the mask.

God this is terrible. I mean, I know I said that I wanted to get more in touch with my emotions and whatnot but that doesn't mean having devastating things happen to you twice in a week :S That is seriously NOT what I meant nor how I wanted to go by it . u.u
You never realize how precious life is, not how fragile, until your standing next to the fine line between life and death.
You take friendship for granted. Thinking that the friends that you have will always be there, not matter what. But you don't realize that you actually have nourish those friendships too. And one day, they may walk out. And you can't stop them.
You don't realize how difficult love is. How everyday you're going to feel so alone... not knowing when you'll be able to see the other person again. You don't want to feel lonely, but you do.
It's awful when everything comes crashing down. It's like you've built up these walls, and someone begins to slowly tear them down... they put cracks in the base, until any little thing makes them start crumbling.
I'll admit, I wanted to begin to actually be able to cry... but this isn't what I intended. This hurts way too much.

I need a break. Or I need a distraction.

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