Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's just fly off to Neverland, and forget all this nonsense.

Bleh, I never know how to feel when going through an emotional roller coaster. It's like... I'm being tugged back and forth between logic and pure happiness. The simple truth that makes me want to smile like a baby with a toy, and then the ugly reality that makes me want to scream and through a tantrum- like said baby when the toy is taken away. I feel like my entire future depends on the choices I make in the next year and half (or so) and I don't know what my decisions are going to be.

Stupid decisions u.u

So, lets take a vote here! :D Help decide my future FOR ME!!! WOOOOO!
A) UdG- Skip four years of premed, practically free, close to home (I can't decide if this is a pro or a con)
B) Dalhousie (Halifax)- Great medical faculty, I'd be with Chris, beautiful town... something new.
C) Harvard- Mom would be happy.

Okay, that just gave me an idea. I'm gonna make a Pro-Con list right here, right now. Even though Chris wants to play Starcraft.

UdG – Mexico

4 vs 6
  • Skipping four years of pre-med
  • Practically free
  • Close to home
  • Same education language as the past twelve years.
  • Long distance relationship… again
  • Staying in Mexico
  • Close to home
  • Living in GDL…ugh
  • Minimal social life
  • Staying in Mexico
University of Dalhousie- Halifax, Canada

6 vs 6
  • Great medical faculty
  • A very not long distance relationship
  • Beautiful city
  • Canada
  • Weather
  • Leaving Mexico
  • Slightly expensive
  • Housing/Living
  • Weather
  • Learning in English
  • Getting a job
  • Less international advantages.
Harvard/Other Universities in the US

4 vs 6
  • Make my Mum happiez
  • Slightly less expensive due to scholarships and such
  • 12 hours from Halifax
  • Beautiful Boston

  • Stuck up rich people (xD)
  • Really expensive living
  • Hard to get in
  • 12 hours from Halifax u.u
  • Nonexistent social life
  • Not where I want to go

Oh bother. That pretty much didn't help me at all. Hah. Anyways... the boyfriend is getting anxious.

I'll be revisiting this subject, I'm sure.


Mik said...

*Throw a tantrum.

I'm liking Halifax after reading your pro-con list. You're bilingual, and you can take placement tests to prove your proficiency in a second language. You shouldn't have any trouble with international advantages in terms of getting a job abroad. Remember that a degree from Canada means a whole lot in other countries as opposed to a degree in Mexico internationally.

You can handle this, Lil. Just hold it together.

Thingsleftunsaid said...

I know we were talking about this just a few hours go, but really, Halifax is a pretty nice place, no matter how you look at it. At the very least, a single year there might make a path clearer for you.