Monday, December 27, 2010

Nine days.

Gah, I'm so happy. And nervous, and excited, and just over all happy.

I have about twelve hours to clean my room, the house, and turn the guest bed room into something more than just white walls and a closet. *shudders* I have too much to do...

I'm feeling a lot better this morning though, this past week I've been awfully sick with either allergies or a sinus infection. Either way... it sucked. It was getting uncomfortably close to when Chris was going to be here. I'm sure I'll still be recovering a little, but at least I'm not as bad as I was.

My room is a disaster, which is ironic considering I cleaned it up just a few days ago. I'm awful about that... Too much of a procrastinator. Aah well...

Hmm... jeez, I should probably get off the computer and start doing things xD time is ticking away!

We did it, hon, we really did it. And for nine days... life can be just as we've always dreamed it'll be.

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