Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is Halloween! ... sorta

Halloween has passed! I wish it would come again sooner than a year away :( I had such a great time.
My sister and I dressed up as twins, it wasn't very difficult seeing as we are already very similar in looks. A couple weeks ago we were walking along a nearby-towns' open market when we came across these really anime-like dresses. They were short, came about half way to the thigh. It was a black skirt and a pink/purple (I wore purple, she wore pink) corsets with black ribbon criss crossing in the front. The skirt had the color fabric underneath and on the outer layers of it was black tulle. Along with my costume I wore black leggings and purple converse high tops. A black choker necklace and another necklace that was a chain with a silver sphere that has a bell inside. It's neat. Oh, and since I have 3 piercings I had all three with dangle silver earrings. It was a lot of fun. Next year I have already planned (thanks to the suggestion of a good friend of mine) to go as a mime. I'll wear a black fitted tuxedo, with a white blouse underneath, a black satin top hat and I'll have my face painted as a mime. I'm excited already... I can't wait for the tux!!
As for the actual night, it was also a blast. It started off a little dull, but ended up being a total hit. Plus I was given 2 shots of tequila... I sipped one and gagged. Guh... Me no likey alcohol  >_>
So it was fun. I really enjoy Halloween. I love dressing up and being creative and trying out new looks on a day that everyone else does too. It's great. I missed you though, Mik.

Well, that's all for now.
Ttfn and if you didn't dress up for Halloween, don't tell me.

OH! DENAE AND I GOT ARIF TO DANCE!!!! Numerous times! You have no idea how much of an accomplishment this is! But seriously... he got onto the dance floor and DANCED... he sucks at dancing but the fact that he did it anyways was so great!! :D Highlight of the night.


Mik said...

WAH! I need to see pics of you all dressed up! Facebook it is! lol
And you getting Arif to dance is amazing... Man, tequila shots are deadly... DEADLY. D.E.A.D.L.Y.

Yeah... anyway

I missed you too, trust me. It wasnt the same... We always had Halloween as a group. At least I know that you guys are still sorta hanging out every now and again. Don't give up on that, kay?

Miss you

Aureliano said...

heh... I am laughing about something I'll explain next time I see you (if I remember) you lot really do love dressing up as other stuff, huh? must be the caucasian roots, hah.

F.G. is my name said...

umm, my cousin's session was open, and I commented through it, but it's me