Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Up in All Directions

Pro and Con list for skipping a semester of school:


  • I would no longer be falling asleep in class out of boredom.
  • I would be using the time that I have now to improve my knowledge and skills.
  • I would actually be learning something new in every class.
  • I would get out of school a semester early.
  • I would have more competition.
  • It would be a semester less of credits that I'd need to work for (by skipping a grade I'd automatically get those credits).


  • I'd be leaving some good friends I've made behind.
  • I'd have to adapt to a new classroom, new teachers, new classmates, new subjects.
  • I would have to start studying now and I'd have to take an exam. 
  • There is the possibility that I'd be behind for a while.
  • I've really made some good friends and I'm worried that if I skipped a grade that that social scene for me would be cut out or that they would feel beneath me or like I'm leaving them (which I would be...) and therefor not treat me the same, in a most likely negative way.

Alright, so obviously the Pro's won out... but I don't want to mess up my social life. The last time that I had such a good time in school was in the 7th grade. I've never gotten along with so many people MY AGE at the same time before. I know that skipping a grade would be great for me academically, and I know my social life isn't everything... but, meh. I've heard from so many people that HS was their best time in school and with friends. It may not be that way for me in the end, I know. But so far it is... and I don't want to ruin that just so that I'm not bored.

I'm just not sure. Any opinions or comments on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm all ears for everyone right now...

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Mik said...

I say stick with the social scene. You're happy there and you feel comfortable. A challenge is a good thing of course, but friends are hard to come by. Although, you might be able to balance the two. Even though you were to skip a semester you might still find the time to put the effort into keeping your friends. You have a lot of potential as a person, and I think that skipping ahead would probably be more fun in terms of scholastic challenge... And I don't think you'd lose your friends out of the blue. Also, you'd be sure to make other friends in your new class. It's given fact... I think this is definitely your prerogative... Academic achievements aren't everything either...