Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One step at a time

People cease to exist all the time, but you never understand how heart-breaking it is until that person, is one you love. It's so... difficult. People glance at you, they see this pale face, with dark circles under the eyes. They think to themselves... "It must be so hard for them, but they'll get over it... eventually." They're just screwing themselves. You never can get over something such as that. It will haunt you, glare at you, scream at you- for the rest of your life. Whether you cease to see it, or look at it right in it's face. It's always there... always coming to your dreams, stabbing you behind your back, glaring at your heart. It will never leaving you in peace. There's only one thing you can do: Learn to act. Put on a mask, never let anyone see into the real you... Why? Because if you don't, it will hurt too much, more than it does already. Live with yourself, move on. Try to be happy. But that's the keyword: Try. Try, try, try, try, TRY! Never stop trying. There's more people out there, no one needs to see you suffering over something that you can not change. No one cares, why should you? Just one step at a time. And then... attack.

Written by: Rebekah Lewis,
In memory of: Jon Lewis

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