Monday, November 17, 2008

One man army

I have just recently begun to realize how amazing the ability to write is. Write, not as in the general concept of putting together letters to form legible words, but more as in the skill to integrate these words into intellectual phrases, and then transmit them to the eyes of all readers. The gift, the beautiful talent that some people have to just be able to do that naturally... it's amazing. I never really appreciated it before. One of my best friends, I remember, is a great writer. But I had never realized the talent that she has for writing. I always knew that she was good, but never really understood how... nor the extent of her ability. Needless to say, she's a very talented author.
Another close friend, also has an incredible talent with words. He knows exactly what to say, how to say it and where it will get him. Admittedly, I am very jealous.
People such as these two, are born with the gift. It is transmitted into their creative thinking. They're able to write such amazing pieces naturally, without having to plan it out much. They are able to be creative, yet logical in their writing... and still have it all make incredible sense.
Many of the billions of unique persons here on the planet have this gift, others... such as myself, don't. Although some people on this earth don't have the gift... that doesn't mean that they can't try to bring it into their lives. See, there's a difference between a gift and a talent. A gift, is something that you're born with; it comes naturally. Whether you enjoy or use this particular gift is completely up to you. Talent... comes when someone wishes that they had that gift but they were not supplied with it. They work at whatever it is they want to perfect, and if they have the determination for it... they will in the end be able to accomplish whatever it was that they were interested in.
I had never wanted to be a writer before, it was never something that had interested me, or captivated my attention. But lately, as I've become to realize what writing is really all about... I've wanted to work on my own. That is the entire reason that I started this blog. I figured that if I knew people were going to be reading whatever I wrote, I had to make it good... I am still pondering why exactly I sought this remedy for my ineptness, but I do believe that even in the short time I've had this, I have improved.

I would like to end this quick thought, with this: If there is anything out there in the amazing world in which we live in, that you want to do. That you are determined to perfect, to master, to accomplish... then you can do it. Absolutely anything that you put your mind to, you are capable of completing it. It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, nor anything about your life. None of that matters, it's all about you. It is all about the person inside of you, who wants to unleash all it's creativity to the world. Trust in yourself, believe in yourself... and you will succeed. Follow the path that was made for you, but plant the flowers on your own.


Thingsleftunsaid said...

Am I by any chance one of the two mentioned of whom you are jealous? *Spends two minutes trying to spell "Jealous"

Silver said...

Oui oui mon ami.
Anyone reading this, check out his blog... incredible. *glares* (at him, not you.)

Mik said...

Hey Lil, I had no idea you had a blog. You're great at expressing yourself here. You should continue writing if you find the time and inspiration :D