Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a start

Hello everyone, this is just an introduction to myself and whatever my rambling thoughts are that I shall be writing in here. I do not know what this will end up being as... it may be like my journal, simple thoughts, letters to people or just a place that I will write whatever I feel like writing. I don't know, it will most likely change every time.
Also, I am not a writer. I do not claim to be one, nor do I want to spend all day learning the correct phrases and words to use if you are a writer. I will indeed write what I feel like, and I will try to make it make sense. But just as a warning, I am not a writer.
Last but not least, I would like to say welcome to my life. It is confusing and has many different versions to it. There are probably going to be many people that I mention in here, I will try to keep it as simple as I can, but then again... I'm not a simple person.

Thanks for keeping up with me this far, I hope to see you further on.
- Silver

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