Monday, February 13, 2012

Things to Convince Myself of (beware of typos)

DISCLAIMER: migraine
things to convince myself of for the new few months:

I am fine
my health is fine
migraines are psychological
just because i'm different doesn't mean I need to have different friends
don't be stupid
don't be afraid of being a bitch of you're standing up for something
take more more opportune moments for witty remarks
laugh more
the only way i'm going to make money is if I get off my ass and start doing it
school is stupid, just like 80% of the rest of the stuff in life, so deal with it
people aren't going to ask, so start talking
change is necessary
sometimes the good will go bad and the bad will be worse before it gets good
or whatever
typos are a sign of laziness
the easiest way to be less lazy is to stand up
find something to believe in
get the hell out of the house
my baking sucks, so get better at it
i can't cook/bake unless the kitchen is clean
if you can think of 3 friends you've had for more than 10 years, write them a letter to apologize
write everyone a letter because you suck at being a friend
cry, but only if you have a legit reason. don't be a baby
go find a nursery and babysit so you hate the idea of having a baby until you're ready
make a to do list and follow it
open up to people
write a list of things to convince yourself of this year instead of paying attention to the marketing teacher
stop pouting about your migraine and get over it or go home

I wish you could see me right now. Actually I'm glad you can't. I'm sitting at a table squinting at the monitor because the lights are bright and my eyes hurt because of my migraine. I'm too lazy to go home, plus if I do I get to relive memories of last night, which sucked. So here I am, with really bad posture crouching over a keyboard typing a list of things that I suck at. I want to go home but I really don't. I'm totally cool with sitting in a corner of the class in the fetal position just dying. Totally cool.
peace out.

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Maya said...

Your pain makes me laugh. Good post.