Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chris & Lily

There's certain things in life that just make you smile. It doesn't matter what they are, or why they're the way they are. You just want to laugh about it... embrace it, and live your life knowing it's there. You can't explain it, but you want to share it with everyone. It makes you complete, and when it's gone you feel a sense of loss... as if you misplaced something very meaningful to you.
That's how I feel about us. I know it's there, but without you... I can't help but feel sad and lonely. I look forward to the future though... I know it'll be fantastic.

You complete me. You make me happy... you make me feel safe, comfortable, at peace... you're the one person who I can laugh and joke around with, and yet know I can talk to about anything. We sing, we dance, we live, we laugh, we watch ridiculous movies... we're annoyingly in love.

You're mine. And I'm yours.

Always, darling.

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Awww :)