Thursday, February 3, 2011

A small glimpse of inspiration

I got the idea for this blog post from here. But these are my own lessons I've learned in my short time of being alive.

1- Be completely true to yourself. Always.

2- Trust your gut. If you have a feeling that something isn't right. Listen to it. If you think someone looks shady, or you don't think they're a good person, then trust that feeling. Better safe than sorry.

3- Love your family, even if it hurts your pride a little... tell them that you love them.

4- Invest time in people that you truly care about. Even if it's a little out of your way. Especially if they're older, you never know when their time is up.

5- Money comes and goes. Don't worry about it. Just be happy with what you have, and be willing to get a job and do what you need to. It'll come to you.

6- Don't spend the rest of your life doing something you hate. Find a job or a career that you love. One that fascinates you and always will. Money will follow, even if it's an underpaid profession.

7- Travel. See the world at least at one point in your life. Experience things, never be afraid to try.

8- Love passionately. What's the point of holding back? Be adventurous, be kind, be generous.

9- Don't be irresponsible about your body, or your health. Take care of it. You only get one chance.

10- Find a creative outlet. Writing, drawing, music, singing, cooking. Find something, and pour your soul into it.

Your turn. Write 10 things you've learned in life. No matter how silly they are... I want to listen.

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Samm said...

So glad that my post offered you some inspiration to make your own list, and such a wonderful list at that! Love it.