Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book of Dreams

While going through one of my many, many notebooks, I found a couple stories that I had written a while ago. At first I wasn't going to post them anywhere, but then I realized that I had written about inspiration... and while reading one of them, I was once again inspired. So, here it is:

The smell is what comes to me first. An aroma so mild and yet powerful as it is combined with the salt in the water, the humidity of the air and the feel of the sand under ones feet. I looked out to the ocean, mesmerized by its beauty. The white edges of waves coming in towards me, and once again flowing back. I look around me, palm trees to my back, the great expanse of blue in front of me, rocky sand at all sides with an occasional seashell or hermit crab running away from the wet of the water. As I walk forward, I see a beautiful turquoise and beige shell, I reach down for it when suddenly I see another hand reaching for it also. The hand picks it up and gives it to me, as I hear a clear and charming voice saying "Sorry, here- you can have the shell."
I look up to see the face that belongs to the voice and I find myself staring into it. A face full of care, beauty and life. Dark brown eyes that seem to make my knees weaker as I'm helplessly lost in them. A beauty more mesmorizing than that of the great ocean before me. I slowly take the shell he holds out for me and I watch him look to the ocean and back to me. I then hear his enthralling voice say "It's beautiful, isn't it?" At first I don't understand what he is talking about, and yet find myself agreeing to this.
He sits down on the soft sand and motions for me to do likewise. Not knowing what else to do, I sit, and pull my knees up to my chest and lay my head on top of them. I look into the ocean and once again am hypnotized by the steady rhythm of the ocean and the breathing of the man beside me. And for the first time in so long, I'm inspired.

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Mik said...

I really like this Lil. It's relaxing to read. Props, you are a writer. :D