Sunday, April 26, 2009

All we need is a Dream

*sigh* I'm back. Once again, to bore you with the novelties of my life. It's actually quite interesting... I have an odd life. No one can say the same things went through their mind as they did mine. No one can say that the same thing happened to them, as it happened to me. Even if the circumstance is the exact same one, my reactions and my thoughts changed the entire situation. Fun, eh?

I don't know where to start from. I want to write down everything that's happened... but, blah. So much has been going on... and yet nothing has. I wish there was a way to save my thoughts. Just like you do with a computer... just email the conversation between you and your thoughts to yourself. That would be great... it would make my 'reviewing' life much easier.

I had a birthday a couple weeks ago (the 15th). It was a lot of fun. On my actual birth'date' I woke up in a really good mood, and felt very helpful. So I spent that morning helping random people out 0.0. It was great.
The Friday following that date was the day selected for my birthday party. It was a really great turn-out. I'd say probably around 100 people showed up... some stayed the entire time, others just stopped by for an hour or so and then left. But overall it was a really great time.
There was also another thing that happened at that party... but I don't feel like just writing it down here in a blog for the world to see... it's much too precious for that. If you'd like to know, send me a message and perhaps I'll tell ya all about it.

Another thing that happened for my birthday, was that I got pranked. It was brilliant. Y'see... I have a Honda trail 90 motorcycle, and it's MY motorcycle. I love that thing. Anyways, what happened was I went to the movies with a couple of friends, and brought the motorcycle along. I parked it outside of the movie theater (at the same place I always do) and went in. As we were going into the movie we stumbled into Benno, Arno and Victor... three other friends of mine who were going to a movie also (a different one than us, though). To get to the chase, I came out of the movie theater and my motorcycle wasn't there. I began to panic... and ran towards the road to look and see if there was anything that caught my eye to lead me towards a clue. But there was nothing. Just at the point that I felt I was about to lose it and start running around like a chicken with my head cut off... I see Benno come up towards me with a camera... Yeah. I got pranked. They had hid it in the actual parking lot behind the theater. It was great... Benno earned a slap right across the face from me... and yet I was grinning the entire time. I wasn't mad, but one of my friends that came with me was... Man, she was really really mad. It was hilarious. My relief was too great to be mad. Plus Karma got them right aftewards... the Police came up and asked them what they were doing with the Cameras and what not... apparently the Drug store right in front of the Movie theater thought we were going to rob the place... pff... it was great.

Well, there's more that I have to say... but I'm running out of time.
'Till next time!

"You know how there are some songs that just don't make the same impact if you can't hear them loud and strong, feeling the bass in your chest and singing without listening to your own voice?"
- Rodrigo Schwartz, incredible writer and friend.

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